Welcome from the President

The 50th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian College of Dermatologists will be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney, New South Wales, from Saturday 6 May to Tuesday 9 May 2017.

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most famous city. It’s home to beautiful beaches, iconic buildings, historic landmarks, award-winning restaurants, and a vibrant culture. From the breath taking views of Sydney Harbour to the serene tranquillity of Hyde Park, Sydney has something for everyone.

The International Convention Centre Sydney is a brand new centre due to open in December 2016 and forms part of a major upgrade of the Darling Harbour precinct.

I invite all College members and all medical professionals with an interest in dermatology to join us in making this 50th Annual Scientific Meeting a very memorable event!

A/Prof. Christopher Baker, FACD

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May 2017
0830-0845Opening by President and welcome to country

A/Prof. C. Baker and Ms Y. Weldon

Plenary Session 10845Dr A. Marghoob

Nevogenesis: Insights gained from dermoscopy

0905Dr S. Fosko

Targeted therapy comes to basal cell carcinoma: Hedgehog inhibitors

0925Prof. R. Rapini

Diagnostic criteria in dermatology

0945Prof. A. Anstey

Transformative case reports in dermatology: Hunting for the needle in the haystack


Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 11015-1100Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Registrars' and Fellow Update Session 11100Dr. A. Marghoob

Benefits of leveraging technology towards melanoma detection

1120A/Prof. P. Guitera

ANZMTG 02.12 the RADICAL trial – RADiotherapy or imiquimod in complex lentigo mALigna

1132Dr D. Kennedy

Dermatology and medications in women of childbearing age

1144Dr E. McMeniman

Update hidradenitis suppuritiva

1156Dr A. Saracino

Update on cutaneous lupus erythematosus

1208Dr N. Wines

Advances in obstetric dermatology


Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 11230-1345Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 1

Registrars' and Fellow Update Session 21345A/Prof. M. Schifter

Oral medicine for dermatologists: Oral manifestations and complications of dermatological diseases

1357Dr K. Kerkemeyer

Lichen planopilaris: a retrospective study of 32 cases in an Australian tertiary referral hair clinic

1409Dr L. Yip

Alopecia update

1421Dr M. Rodrigues and Dr M. Gupta

Update vitiligo and other pigmentary disorders

1433Dr E. Forward

Treatment of rosacea: Update on general management approach and topical treatment options

1445Dr A. Howard

Management tips from a nail clinic


Surgery Update for General Dermatologists 11345Dr H.Smith

Strategies for preventing surgical site infection in dermatologic surgery: The latest evidence

1355Dr L. Young

Perineural invasion present exclusively in central tissue blocks of Mohs surgical excisions of basal cell carcinoma

1405Dr S. Fosko

Cartilage grafts for nasal defects: When less is best

1425Dr K. Lun

Stretch, an inconspicuous BFF

1435Dr P. Chen

Is bupivacaine a useful adjunct to lignocaine in dermatologic surgery?

1445Dr K. Tumuluri

Periocular surgical procedures


Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 11515-1600Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Registrars' and Fellow Update Session 31600A/Prof. S. Zagarella and Dr K. Chen

Evidenced based medicine lecture series

1610Mr M. Barbic

Safety of medical records and medical communication

1620A/Prof. A. Oakley

Clinical photography in your dermatology practice

1630Dr T. Blake

Desmoplastic trichoepithelioma - a case series and review of management

1640Dr P. Lowe

The lost art of compounding

1650Dr V. Tng

Dermatological manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease


Surgery Update for General Dermatologists 21600Dr S. Fosko, Dr I. Hamann, Dr D. Lim and Dr E. Upjohn

Ask the experts’. Defects presented with panel discussing repair options

1632Dr R. Rosen and Dr T. Stewart

Surgical practices of Australian dermatologists

1640Dr C. Reddy

Nasal repairs, a plastic surgical perspective

1700Dr R. Cocciolone

Surgical pearls: Facilitating wound closure in fragile skin and a burrow’s free A to T advancement flap

1710Dr L.J. Leow

Diagrammatically simple but technically complex: Z-plasty, the nasolabial flap and the keystone flap


Sponsored Symposium - Novartis1730-1830A/Prof P. Fernandez-Peñas and Dr J. Sullivan

IL-17 inhibition in psoriasis: Hard to treat psoriasis, quality of life aspects This symposium will touch on two key topics with IL-17 inhibition in psoriasis. It reviews role of IL-17 inhibition in management of hard to treat psoriasis phenotypes. It also discusses the impact of severe psoriasis on QoL, touching on the relationship between PASI and QoL

Sponsored Symposium - Celgene1730-1830From drug discovery to reimbursement. How clinicians, industry and government work together to deliver better outcomes for your patients.

Regulatory and reimbursement authority expectations of clinical data are higher than they have ever been, and industry is doing all it can to address these needs through both conventional and novel approaches. Join us for an open discussion amongst our panel of clinical, regulatory and health economic experts, focusing on key milestones along the drug development pathway and what this means for you and your clinical practice. A/Prof. Peter Foley (Clinical Dermatologist, Director of Research at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc., and Head of Dermatology Research at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne), Mr George Varkanis (Celgene Vice President & Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand), and Ms Penny Shakespeare (First Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Benefits Division, Department of Health), will offer representative perspectives from the clinician, industry and government respectively, on drug discovery through clinical trial development to medicines access for the Australian patient.

Mohs Surgery Session1730-1900Mohs Surgery Session

Meeting Room C2.2 and C2.3

Conference Dinner, Parkside Ballroom, International Convention Centre Sydney1930-2330

Session 1 0845S. Temby and A/Prof. C. Baker

Welcome and housekeeping

0900Dr S. Smithson

Drug rashes

0930Dr P. Artemi

Whats new in adult acne?

1000Dr S. Smith

Hidradentis suppuravitas

Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 11030-1100Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Session 21100Keynote Speaker - L. Aldredge, RN

State of dermatology

1200C. Smith, RN

ADNA constitution and committee

Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 11230-1330Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 1

Session 31330Dr M. Hunt

Topic TBC

1400P. Faga, RN

Surgical treatment of vitiligo. A new standard of care?

Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 11430-1500Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Session 4 1500Dr M. Whitfield

Scabies research in Fiji

1530Cl. A/Prof. S. van Nunen

Ticks and bites

1600Ms M. Weaich, RN

Excimer UV light treatment

Ego Dinner1900Ego Dinner – Kazbah Darling Harbour, Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour

May 2017
Acne0730Dr J-A. See


0731Dr J. Cargnello

Hormonal acne update

0738Dr J-A. See and A/Prof. M. Rademaker

Panel - question and answer

0751Dr J-A. See

Whats new for 2017

0755Prof. M. Nielsen

A new biophotonic treatment – explained!

0800Prof. R. Paus

Translational biology of the pilosebaceous unit re-visited: Relevance to acne and hidradenitis

Contact Dermatitis0730Dr D. Maor

Intradermal testing for autoimmune progesterone dermatitis – should we be basing our diagnosis on it?

0740Dr P. Dickison

Hand dermatitis and chronic urticaria secondary to gel nail varnish

0747Dr L. Ly

PatchCAMS (Contact Allergy Management System) database review of patients referred for implant hypersensitivity

0759Dr V. Harris

Nickel allergy: A bigger headache for patients with chest pain

0806Dr D. Maor

Interesting clinical cases of contact dermatitis

0816Dr D. Slape

Liverpool Hospital and the ring of fire: Anogenital contact dermatitis


Psoriasis Symposium0845Dr J. Sullivan, A/Prof. M. Rademaker and Dr M. Gupta


0850Dr P. Dickison

Characteristics of itch in psoriasis: The results from a dermatology clinic

0900Prof. R. Sinclair

Tildrakizumab, a selective IL-23p19 antibody, in the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis: Results from two randomised, controlled, phase 3 trials

0910Dr A. Bhullar

The prevalence of synovitis and tenosynovitis in the small joints of the hands using ultrasonography in patients with chronic plaque psoriasis but undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis

0920A/Prof. M. Rademaker

Australasian psoriasis collaborative recommendations for methotrexate

0933Dr D. Rubel

Australasian psoriasis collaborative (APC) recommendations for managing malignancy in the psoriatic patient  

0946Dr M. Andrews

Psoriasis in those planning a family, pregnant or breastfeeding. The Australasian psoriasis collaboration

1000Panel discussion

Global Dermatology Symposium0845Dr M. Whitfeld

Introduction: Global dermatology for the Australian dermatologist

0855Dr J. Rhodes and Dr R. Saunderson

Dermatology in East Timor

0905Dr M. Rodrigues

Pigment disorders in rural north India

0915Dr M. Rodrigues and Dr C. Grills

Pigment disorders in rural north India

0925Dr L. Romani

New control initiatives for scabies in highly endemic populations

0935Dr T. O'Brien

Aspects of leishmaniasis

0945Dr N. Sharma

Dermatology in Papua New Guinea: Leprosy, examinations and more

0955Dr M. Tuicakau

Improving skin health in the South Pacific - meeting the need

1005Panel discussion

Morning tea in the trade exhibition, hall 11015-1100Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Plenary Session 2 1100Prof. A. Anstey

Phototherapy in eczema

1120Dr P. Dickison

Serious games and innovative technology for dermatology education

1130Dr C. Scarff

Why is it so hard to give negative feedback to under performing specialist trainees?

1140Prof. R. Rapini


1155Dr J. Frew

Drug induced hidradenitis suppurativa / acne inversa: A systematic review of case reports with insights into pathogenesis of disease

1205Dr L. Ge

A prospective 5-year Australian renal and liver organ transplant dermatology study

1215Dr R. Kelly

Livedo racemosa: The relationship between lymphocytic and neutrophilic vasculitis


Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 11230-1345Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 1

Clinicopathological Pathological Correlation 1345-1515

11 interesting cases to be presented and discussed with lots of audience participation!

Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 11515-1600Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Ceremony for Conferring of Diplomas and Awards1700-2000

Great Hall, The University of Sydney Buses will be organised to transport delegates to/from the ICC Sydney

Session 50900Dr E. Dawes-Higgs

Female genital dermatology: A brief introduction


Annual General Meeting

1000Dr L. Sagi

Interesting psoriasis case studies

Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 11030-1100Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Session 61100Ms L. Aldredge, RN


1130A/Prof. G. Fischer

Paediatric conditions that mimic abuse

Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 11200-1300Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 1

Session 7 1300A/Prof. M. Schifter

Oral dermatology

1400BDNG Representative

Updates in British dermatology nursing

1430Dr S. Donoghue

Weird and wonderful

1500Ms S. Temby

Award presentations and member's draw

May 2017
Genital Dermatology0730Dr K. Deen

Imiquimod in the treatment of penile intraepithelial neoplasia: An update

0739Dr E. Dawes-Higgs

An update on the classification of vulval squamous intraepithelial lesions

0746Dr V. Harris

Development and validation of vulval disease quality of life index (VDQLI)

0753Dr Y. Nguyen

The association between chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis and use of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system

0800A/Prof. A. Hall and A/Prof. G. Fischer

Female and male genital dermatology - all you need to know

Paediatric Dermatology0730A/Prof. G. Fischer

The management of paediatric vulval conditions

0740Dr A. Halbert

Update on the use of topical and oral sirolimus in paediatric dermatology

0750Dr P. Hogan

What I have learned - paediatric dermatology pearls

0800Dr L. Warren

Update - infestations and dermatophytes

0810Dr D. Orchard

Update in the topical management of ichthyoses

0820Dr O. Wargon

Clinical spectrum of CM-AVM syndrome

Medical Dermatology Update0845Prof. A. Anstey

Publication ethics

0900Prof. R. Sinclair

Treatment of chronic telogen effluvium with oral minoxidil

0910Dr A. Saracino

Systemic sclerosis and morphoea: Role of a dermatologist

0920Dr R. Rosen

Review of 10 year data of axillary hyperhidrosis therapy

0930Dr D. Rubel

Biologics beyond psoriasis

0940Dr A. Gin

The classification and diagnostic algorithm for primary lymphatic dysplasia: An update for 2017

0950Dr T. Papps

Contribution to medical dermatology – the Australian cutaneous lymphoma multidisciplinary team



Art of Dermatology and Other Surprises0845Dr T. O'Brien

Painting the skin

0900A/Prof S. Kossard

Dermatopathology and abstract art photography

0915Cl. A/Prof. C. Commens

Ethics and dermatology. Lessons learned

0930Dr M. Lane-Brown

The art of dermatology

0945Dr C. Quirk

The art of dermatology: Satisfactory outcomes

1000Dr P. Brown

Therapy is a partnership

Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 11015-1100Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Plenary 31100Prof. R. Rapini

Rare infections

1115Dr I. McCrossin

Strongyloides in Australia - please don't kill the patient

1125Dr S. Rea

The 2015-2016 syphilis outbreak of far North Queensland

1135Dr N. Adler

Nosocomial crusted scabies outbreaks at an Australian tertiary hospital: Infection prevention lessons learned from a small case series

1145Dr A. Laino

Systematic review of literature for treatment of chromoblastomycosis

1155Dr A. Lara Rivero

Tropical dermatoses “not gone but forgotten?"

1205Dr A. Yazdabadi

Cutaneous leishmaniasis, pearls from persia


Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 11230-1345Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 1

Professionalism and Ethics Congress 1 1345Dr W. Lipworth

Ethics in medicine

1405Dr J. Jureidini

Medical research: Selective reporting, publication bias, citation distortion, ghostwriting and endemic failure in pharmacovigilance

1425Prof. L. Bero

Big pharma. What have we learned from pharmaceutical industry documents?

1445Dr B. Mintzes

Who’s taking dermatologists out to dinner?


Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 11515-1600Afternoon tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Professionalism and Ethics Congress 21600A/Prof. S. Zagarella

Conflicts of interest in medical journals

1612Mr T. Wills

Ethics talk



1645-1730Annual General Meeting

Room: Pyrmont Theatre. For Fellows and Associate Members of the College only

Registrar Teaching Session1600Dr S. Fosko

Lentigo maligna: Observations, challenges and advances

1620Dr A. Marghoob

TADA: Dermoscopy simplified

1640Prof. R. Rapini

Journey in dermatology

1700Prof. A. Anstey

How to get published


Sponsored Symposium - Eli Lilly Australia1730-1830Setting clear objectives for psoriasis treatment: Use of ixekizumab in clinical practice

Dr A. Egeberg and Dr C-H. Hong This symposium will focus on the clinical efficacy and safety of ixekizumab in moderate-to-severe plaques psoriasis, specifically in challenging situations. Dr Egeberg from Denmark and Dr Hong from Canada will present case-based scenarios and lead an interactive discussion forum on each case.

Sponsored Symposium - Janssen-Cilag1730-1830

May 2017
0730Dr F. Poon

Impact of neck lymphadenectomy on head and neck cutaneous melanoma recurrence and survival: A 10 year retrospective study

Registrars' Forum0737Dr V. Tng

General practice trainees' clinical exposure to dermatological procedures during training: An analysis from the registrar clinical encounters in training study

0744Dr J. Kim

Can neutrophilic eccrine hidradenitis be part of azathioprine hypersensitivity syndrome?

0751Dr B. Choy

Is the AQoL-8D a more sensitive instrument than the skindex-16 for measuring impact of skin conditions on quality of life?

0758Dr P. Banan

Morbihan's disease in a patient with skin type IV and challenges of treatment

0805Dr R. Anforth

Treatment of disseminated actinic porokeratoses

0812Dr J. Elakis

Skin disease of penis and male genitalia is linked to atopy and circumcision: Aseload in a male genital dermatology clinic

0819Dr L. Pitney

Patch testing for cutaneous adverse drug reactions


Dermatology Hospitalists0730A/Prof. P. Fernandez-Penas

Presentation of dermatology hospitalists

0731Dr N. Adler

Recent advances in the understanding and management of severe cutaneous adverse reactions

0745Dr G. Marshman

Rheumatology/dermatology MDT

0755Dr J. Wells

Update in cutaneous lymphomas

0805A/Prof. G. Cains

Managing hidradenitis suppurativa in a hospital MDT


Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Symposium 0845Dr S. Fosko

Targeted therapy and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

0855Prof. M. Veness

Update on merkel cell carcinoma

0905Prof. M. Veness

Sentinel lymph node biopsy in high risk SCC

0915Dr B. Yau

Atypical fibroxanthoma/pleomorphic dermal sarcoma at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 2002-2016

0925Dr R. Minocha

Nicotinamide for skin cancer chemoprevention: Effects on tumour immune infiltrates and melanoma biology

0935A/Prof. P. Foley

Structured expert consensus on actinic keratosis: An up-to-date treatment algorithm

0945A/Prof. C. Palme

Update on the surgical management of head and neck perineural invasion

0955Dr X. Yang

Triple hedgehog pathway inhibition for advanced basal cell carcinoma


Cosmetic Dermatology for General Dermatologists0845Dr M. Hunt

A 3-D approach to facial ageing

0855A/Prof. M. Freeman

Ameliorating pigmentation and telangiectasia in the skin

0905Dr A. Patel

Levels of resurfacing

0915Dr E. Dawes-Higgs

Dermal fillers

0925Dr A. Lim

High-speed low-pain micro-focused ultrasound tightening of the lower face and neck

0935Dr N. Wines

Botulinum toxin

0945Dr P. Sharma

Hair transplantation surgery: Where are we now?

0955Dr P. Artemi

Cosmeceuctical options in dermatology practice

1005Dr M. Hunt

Beyond skin deep


Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 11015-1100Morning tea in the trade exhibition hall 1

Plenary 4 and Awarding of Prizes1100Dr A. Marghoob

How effective is dermoscopy in the early detection of melanoma?

1120Prof. M. Ziman

Liquid biopsies for diagnosis and prognosis of melanoma

1130Dr D. Chung

Ultrasound monitoring of lymph node metastasis in melanoma

1140Dr P. Star

Defining lentigo maligna and its margins and identifying predictors of recurrence: Correlation of clinical, dermatoscopic, confocal microscopy and histopathological data

1150Dr S.J.E. Hwang

Cutaneous adverse reactions to immunotherapies for metastatic melanoma 

1200Dr N. Maher

Desmoplastic melanoma: A diagnostic difficulty

1210Prof. D. Damian

DPCP in the age of systemic immunotherapy

1220Awarding of prizes

Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 11230-1345Lunch in the trade exhibition hall 1

What's New in Journals1345Dr H. Fallah

What's new in medical dermatology

1405Dr S. Lee

Whats new in surgical dermatology

1425Dr K. Crotty

What's new in dermatopathology

1445Dr L-C. Wong

What's new in paediatric dermatology


Free Papers1345Prof. D. Murrell

Contributions of the independent learning programme at University of New South Wales to dermatology registrar training 2006-2016

1355Prof. G. Varigos

50 years ACD are we closer to a vaccine for psoriasis?

1405Prof. N. Haass

Cell cycle-tailored targeting of metastatic melanoma: Challenges and opportunities

1415Dr P.S. Jones

Case reports show benefit of an integrated approach to skin cancer treatment

1425Dr H. Collgros

Blue-grey pigmented lesions on trauma sites

1435Dr A. Laino

Iris freckling as a marker of melanoma risk

1445Dr L. Abbott

Surveillance by smartphone: Can a patient record a consultation without your consent?

1455Dr C. Gollins

A study of the number of female editors-in-chief of dermatology journals


End of session 1515End of session